WINTER SPRINGS, Fla.  – A Better Life™, a company dedicated to advocacy in healthcare and long-term care, has recently started working with JourneyLabs™ to make aging easier and far more affordable. With the use of the JourneyLabs™ journey management platform, A Better Life’s – Medical Organizer™ provides patients and their caregivers with an easy way to simplify their essential medical information, take control over their health, and automate their record-keeping. It reduces the hassles of healthcare and eliminates the need to carry bulky items (like binders and file folders) to each and every medical visit.

A Better Life™ was founded by Bonnie K. Brown after 15 years of providing professional Patient Advocacy services to the community where she lived. “We teach people how to navigate the healthcare system in order to save time, money, and energy,” said Brown. Brown was able to give help and advice about navigating through the complex medical system because of her own first-hand experience of having 10 major operations (in under 12 years) costing more than $300,000 in out-of-pocket costs … and millions of dollars billed to her insurance company.

Brown learned the power of Patient Advocacy the hard way, through trial-and-error, and then began teaching it to others so they would not end up fighting for their health (or life) like she did. As a result, Bonnie developed a Self-Advocacy System© that makes healthcare easier and created a special Medical Organizer to help people get to better health outcomes, reduce medical & billing errors, and make the most out of every medical visit.  A Better Life’s – Medical Organizer™ includes a variety of forms to meet the needs of each patient, along with useful guidebooks, important checklists, easy-to-use worksheets, and helpful savings trackers to reduce expenses and minimize costs. These forms make caring for yourself and your loved ones so much easier, while bringing simplicity, manageability, and peace of mind to healthcare management.

“Working with JourneyLabs™ allows us to put the power of Self-Advocacy in the palms of peoples’ hands,” said Brown. “It will enable users to take A Better Life’s – Medical Organizer™ and access it electronically from any device they choose, including their desktop, laptop, iPad, or mobile phone. That means they’ll be able to manage all of their health information without the hassle or headaches of doing it manually. It also means they’ll be able to get to the worry-free zone more quickly and easily than ever before, knowing that their health information will be there waiting for them whenever they need it. Having 24/7 access to all of your medical information is priceless. Not only can it help you to save a fortune … but it can even help you save your life. JourneyLabs enables us to provide a level of help and support that is currently unavailable in the marketplace today. It’s going to be magical.”

A Better Life™ uses the journey management platform to bridge the gaps in communication in these high-stakes healthcare relationships. Being able to digitize A Better Life’s – Medical Organizer™ will give users the opportunity to provide the most accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information to all healthcare providers, as well as family members and caregivers. Operationalizing these long-term engagements will improve the quality of healthcare delivery, increase patient safety, decrease medical errors and strengthen the interaction between patients and healthcare providers. Giving users the ability to customize their healthcare information and have immediate access to all of their medical records will means that they’ll get the best user experience and healthcare outcomes possible.

“We chose the JourneyLabs™ Platform because it is adaptable and because it goes far beyond just putting a Medical Organizer onto someone’s cell phone,” says Brown. “JourneyLabs™ will enable us to interact with users in a way that can make healthcare navigation so much easier. Vital health information will be accessible at the touch of a button, and will be fillable, downloadable, and sharable, with the greatest of ease. We believe that our Healthcare Journey will be so successful that it will drive down the costs of healthcare, while creating a much better user experience for anyone who has previously struggled to navigate through the healthcare system. “We are committed to making aging easier and far more affordable … and believe that our Healthcare Journey will provide the perfect place for people to go to get the help and support they need and will be able to save precious time, money & energy in the process by taking control of their healthcare,” says Brown.

One of her goals is to unite people to share their stories and help each other with life’s most challenging issues. “Compelling stories lend meaning to our lives and help us when we feel lost and rudderless. People are comforted when they know they are not alone and can connect with others who have similar issues. By creating a community of like-minded individuals, we believe that healthcare navigation will become so much easier and the burden of figuring what to do, and where to go when healthcare challenges arise, won’t have to fall completely into the hands of the patient, or their caregivers,” Brown commented.

“Our mission is to provide a roadmap for people to follow when navigating through our complicated healthcare system so that they can get to the right place, at the right time, for the right reason, and get the best results possible,” says affordable aging advocate, Tal Bratton. A Better Life™ strives to help others maneuver through the medical maze and manage their difficult rehabilitation, restoration, and recovery periods of their lives so that they can take the hassle out of healthcare and live their best life possible.



About JourneyLabs™

JourneyLabs™ was founded by former Symantec and VERITAS business and development executives in September 2015. CEO, Jason Fisher and his co-founders, Narayana Aroori and Mike Ivanov developed the Journey management platform to help organizations with longitudinal consumer relationships that suffer from gaps in engagement, lack of personalization and poor situational responsiveness.

Organizations can “hire” Journeys on JourneyLabs’s Software-as-a-Service platform to operationalize complex, knowledge-and interaction-intensive processes to improve participant outcomes and reduce variability. The proprietary cloud and mobile platform optimizes enhanced information collection to enable custom, responsive action as well as long-term relationship analytics.


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