The JourneyLabs’ Platform provides a framework and process to build and manage participant journeys digitally throughout their life cycles.  The platform provides the capability to create custom journeys using Questionnaires, Guides, Real-time Human and Machine Chat, a “Help Now” intervention workbench and Sensor integrations tied together by an automated and responsive Action Flow system. JourneyLabs drives the longitudinal delivery of automated interactions and augments existing technology for coaching, guidance and navigation throughout the entire patient experience.

How We Do This – What the JourneyLabs Platform Provides


Our Action Flow system drives automation and action across entire journeys using inputs gathered from the participant and other sources.  The Action Flow system uses a workflow engine to create scalable, personalized journeys with little or no human intervention.For more information on how JourneyLabs can help your organization operationalize your customer journey, or to get started on the JourneyLabs Platform, email us at

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