JourneyLabs and Partners to Showcase Orthopedic RPM Solution at the Twin Cities Business Architecture Forum at Mayo Clinic (TCBAF).

The management of chronic illnesses accounts for more than 75% of healthcare costs and 45% of seniors suffer from two or more chronic conditions. In addition, baby boomers and other generations alike are more savvy and more discerning about their healthcare choices. They also expect a higher quality more quantified healthcare experience even when they can or need to be monitored remotely.

Poorly managed chronic conditions increase the risk of complications and other acute episodes. With the increase of patient volume, the push has already created stressed clinicians, an increase in burnout and a decrease in resources.

Providing remote patient monitoring and augmented intelligence innovation to clinicians and patients will power the next generation of healthcare engagement.

Starting this year clinicians are now reimbursed for Remote Patient Management (RPM) of Medicare patients. The CMS new rules advance the ability of RPM services to drive revenue and improve patient care experience increasing quality of care and reducing overall healthcare costs.

JourneyLabs and Sensoria Health will be presenting at the Twin Cities Business Architecture Forum (TCBAF) Mini Summit on Healthcare hosted by the Mayo Business Architect Members to showcase how a knee rehab remote monitoring solution and augmented intelligence can now be used in patient care.

Cloud computing pathways and IoT technologies can work together to create better clinical and emotional outcomes for patients. Together, they can promise to improve the clinician and patient engagement through this augmented intelligence approach. 

This demo and presentation will specifically address the main problems that are being solved, the solution themes as well as an explanation as to how the collaboration has progressed within healthcare scenarios. A live demo will follow.


About JourneyLabs™ Inc.
JourneyLabs is an innovative technology company which gives organizations the ability to drive customer engagement influenced by real-time customer insights through a transformative technology platform and intelligent Journey design. The mobile, cloud-based Journey Management Platform that allows for creation of custom journeys that automate interactions and automatically trigger responsive actions as needed. By having the most important actions automatically escalated, medical staff can ensure they are focusing on the patients that need the most immediate attention.
For more information about JourneyLabs or to test drive our Platform, visit:

About Sensoria® Health Inc.
Our vision is: The Garment is The Computer®. Sensoria’s sensor-infused IoT enabled accessories, garments, Sensoria® Core microelectronics and cloud system enable smart footwear and clothing to convert biometric remote patient monitoring data into actionable information for patients  in real-time. Sensoria-powered IoMe (Internet of Me) wearables will collect data on physical activity of orthopedic and gait-impaired patients to improve their lives. For further information on Sensoria in healthcare, please visit:

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