In my own experience, as you may have read, I’ve been on my own journey.  I’m a mom of two (a tween and a teen) and a part-time employee at JourneyLabs.  Both motherhood and my job as a healthcare program manager in a tech-based company are constantly changing and evolving.  There is no how-to guide about pregnancy or motherhood that fits everyone. Similarly, there are many ways for me to do my job well.  This leads to the following questions: how can technology help with balancing pregnancy and motherhood? Do they even go together? The answer: “Yes.”  

Technology and healthcare are becoming more and more intertwined allowing for better education and instant answers to questions.  I believe most anyone can appreciate instant knowledge right when it’s needed as well as ease in the delivery of that knowledge. Any journey in life can lead to the unexpected; JourneyLabs connects the dots and harnesses the unexpected, providing a clear path for both insight and knowledge.  Wouldn’t it be great to know what was going to happen and be ready for it? With JourneyLabs’ Mother Baby Journey in hand, not only will there be a constant connection between the healthcare providers and moms-to-be, there is also peace of mind (right in your smartphone!).  

The Mother Baby Journey is a technology-based tool on a learning-based platform.  That translates to moms-to-be gaining insight into their constantly changing bodies, their growing baby and what lies ahead on the topsy-turvy pregnancy highway.  Most every mom has a mobile device, right? Imagine having a sneak peek into each appointment before you arrive; you’d be aware of the tests, labs and any procedures that will happen.  The doctor would already know your status before you arrive based on tracking your progression within the app. The healthcare team (staff, nurses) would be aware/understand your progress, therefore honing in on a more focused, timely appointment.  Everyone wins!

Speaking of winning, it would have been a seriously big win to have the Mother Baby Journey in hand when I was pregnant back in 2003. I wrote a series of articles that provide a glimpse into my first pregnancy from start to finish.  Despite being a registered nurse and having a background in medicine, I believe this Journey would have helped to manage my personal anxieties and given me peace and presence to cope with the unknown.  You can satisfy your pregnancy-based intrigue by reading my articles and understanding why I could surely have benefitted from the intelligence of the Mother Baby Journey.    

For more information about easily creating integrated patient/caregiver and care team journeys for clinical pathways, patient engagement and remote patient monitoring, please visit:

Kimberly Fisher, RN/BSN is Healthcare Program Manager for JourneyLabs. A graduate of the University of Florida College of Nursing she brings nearly a decade of experience with a background in adult (ICU/CCU) and neonatal critical care (NICU),  patient advocate work in the managed care space and in pharmacy tech.  

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