WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. (January 8, 2018) — Every high-stakes journey is the culmination of steps along the way and success is dependent on taking the right steps. That’s why a group of former Symantec/VERITAS executives have rebranded their company to JourneyLabs™, to closer align to their service – providing a platform for healthcare, employers and other high-stakes and communication-heavy environments to ensure participants are taking the right steps at the right time during their journey.

“Communication with your participants is traditionally manually performed, a doctor calls her patient, a talent manager meets with a new hire,” says Jason Fisher, CEO, JourneyLabs™. “But these communications are becoming more and more difficult for an increasingly smaller amount of staff dealing with larger amounts of participants and must be supplemented,” says Fisher. “Our platform is an always-available, virtual advocate that instantly and automatically modifies a participant’s journey to keep them on the path to the best outcomes.”

An example is a patient needing surgery. The patient is set on the automated surgery journey by the hospital. This journey is initially configured once for all patients by the hospital’s experts. When a patient begins the journey, through a series of inputs from the patient and tweaks by a nurse, the patient’s journey becomes unique to them and their specific situation. It will take them through preparing for the surgery through a series of reminders, questions, documents, communication channels, and emergency resources specific to their case.

After the surgery, the journey will lead the patient through recovery and automatically notify the hospital if any complications arise. Through simple questions about otherwise minor symptoms, the hospital can catch serious issues and help rectify them before it becomes too costly, or worse, too late to do so.

“Too often, major issues in a person’s health care happen because the patient did not take the steps necessary to prevent the issue,” Fisher says. “Our platform can catch those issues before they turn into costly treatments or worse.”

In addition to health care, the company can help employers ensure new employees are satisfied with their new job or help academic institutions scale student wellness initiatives to improve performance. JourneyLabs™ can also help professional services organizations deliver more personalized service to their clients with existing resources.

The initial launch of JourneyLabs™ as ActoVoice provided a way for customers to deliver private feedback “in the moment” to a business, so any issues could be remediated quickly via a continuous feedback loop. However, the founders quickly discovered that long-term relationships – instead of short-term opinions – were much more challenging for organizations to manage successfully and cost efficiently.

Instead of focusing on short consumer interactions, the company shifted focus on the longitudinal journeys people take in a variety of settings. Recently, Fisher stepped in as CEO, raised additional capital, and led the company pivot and rebranding. “Technology is opening new doors to improving our lives,” Fisher says. “Being a part of this team is exciting, especially with the opportunities we have to show how we can improve the lives of so many people.”



About JourneyLabs

JourneyLabs™ was founded by former Symantec and VERITAS business and development executives in September 2015. CEO, Jason Fisher and his co-founders, Narayana Aroori and Mike Ivanov developed the journey management platform to help organizations with longitudinal consumer relationships that suffer from gaps in engagement, lack of personalization and poor situational responsiveness.

Organizations can “hire” Journeys on JourneyLabs™’s Software-as-a-Service platform to operationalize complex, knowledge- and interaction-intensive processes to improve participant outcomes and reduce variability. The proprietary cloud and mobile platform optimizes enhanced information collection to enable custom, responsive action as well as long-term relationship analytics.

JourneyLabs™’s partners build and offer solutions in industries such as healthcare, the workplace, public safety, non-profits and IT supported by over 30 team members. Current partner projects include applications in behavioral health, revenue cycle management, military veteran transitions, patient self-advocacy, orthopaedics, pre-diabetes/nutrition, respiratory, employee “hire-to-retire” management, public safety and others.

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