And Why That’s Better For a Bottom Line.. 

 Globally, organizations recognize the need to continuously stay in touch with their employees. This helps drive engagement and harness the employee voice through an organization’s listening strategy. However, this type of “always-on” listening so keen to platforms of social media may not be a balanced practice. So, what can companies do?  

A recent IBM study revealed that globally, nearly 50 percent of Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) are leveraging social tools to engage employees through ongoing dialogues about specific business issues. It turns out the most successful companies learned the shortest distance between management and making money runs right through the impact of employee engagement. Don MacPherson, Partner – Employee Engagement, Aon Hewitt states, “Organizations with the most advanced ‘continuous listening’ strategies gather a wealth of feedback at different points of employment.”    


Strengthen the Bottom Line Using the Employee Experience 

When a company wants a constant streaming feed of information on how to improve their profit margin, they have a rich pool from which to draw it. With the right resources, any business can pull data from future, current and departing employees. This data contains invaluable information. In fact, research by Deloitte found that almost 80% of executives rate employee experience important to their business.  Only 22% of those executives reported that their company was excellent at building a transformative or comprehensive employee experience. 

Potentially, if a business wants to know why folks want to work there, they can get a good understanding from engaging future employees. This is valuable data to help a company discover how they are perceived as an employer. An astute business owner uses this information to magnify the positives in their public perception. Additionally, using it to improve employee retention rates would be a prudent business move. 


Reward Employee Feedback with Immediate Results Using Journey Management 

When a company is smart enough to solicit employee experience and input continuously, they understand the value of reward-driven results. If employees give similar feedback, and they see an immediate change, it encourages everyone to participate in engaged discussions with management. 

According to MacPherson, organizations with the most advanced “continuous listening” strategies integrate data from frequent employee feedback. When fed across the entire employee lifecycle and woven together, it provides a more comprehensive story of the organization’s health.

This, more than many other avenues, drives the employee retention rate. When an individual mentions a customer-related problem to another employee, it builds confidence to see their suggestion addressed right away. Companies that practice data-driven continuous listening strategies make employees feel valued. Confident workers take pride in their work. This trickles down quickly to good customer service. 


Use an Unbroken Loop of Data to Improve Employee Loyalty 

A company full of loyal employees is every business owner’s dream. The reality is difficult to achieve. Using journey management, a company can use various data sources to maximize employee engagement and listening beginning at the new hire stage and continuing through the employee’s entire life cycle. 

JourneyLabs has the experience and the methods to create that continuous loop of employee feedback through feature rich and responsive interactions which provide the information to the organization in a succinct and efficient way, without having to intrude in their employees’s space. 

By using this responsive and personalized experience, JourneyLabs helps organizations deliver value through high-touch, proprietary services to better personalize, automate and scale their communication. Organizations can express these types of feedbacks and processes as “Journeys” on the JourneyLabs Platform to minimize gaps in engagement, increase personalization and improve situational responsiveness for clientele. For more information about creating a personalized employee experience or, to get started on a demo, email

Dawn Raquel Jensen is Head of Customer Journey at JourneyLabs. A Florida native, Dawn is a graduate of the University of Central Florida (UCF) and Defense Information School (DINFOS). She is a social business, digital media and marketing strategist for start-ups and first stage businesses, and has been known to travel some distance for good BBQ and iced tea. For more information about JourneyLabs or to set up a demo of the JourneyLabs platform, email us:


















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